Within framework of the Conservation and restoration of Ancient Acre it was decided to Conserve and Renew the Seraya building as a new community center. The rehabilitation programs of the city of acre also defined the need for a community center to serve the local inhabitants and perhaps also tourists. These needs were combined and it was agreed to establish a tourist community center inside the Seraya building. Adapting this program to the Seraya building required quite the acrobatics, both because of the relatively small area of the building, and because of the need to preserve and restore many of its parts. The following planning principles were therefore compiled: An added mezzanine floor to the ground floor. Destruction of the dangerous structure (a mandatory structure of cement) to the south of the project and construction of a new hall for motion and dance. Creating a direct external link from the community center to the Posta halls under the Seraya by using these halls as a multi purpose performance hall and of course as part of the community center. Turning the roof of the bazaar into a linear garden on the top level from which it is possible to reach the mosque courtyard and the community center, as well as additional Crusader halls. Covering the central courtyard as the major hall in the community center with a three dimensional structure that hints at the church structure which was, in all probability, on this place.

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