A teacher training college for teachers from all over the country including a Youth Hostel  in the neighborhood for teachers on the north of Shlomi – "Shlomit". The brief and the location of the project determined several principles:

The Hanita Forest, adjacent to the site, was used for the needs of the Centre. The Youth Hostel was located so as to allow a view towards the sea. The College was developed as a campus: not as a single building but a series of buildings structured around courtyards. The buildings were integrated into both the forest and the hillside.

The campus was divided into separate zones with their own specific character: Accommodation – organized around courtyards facing towards the sea. Lecture hall and library – next to the road to allow easy access for the local community. Dining room, club and cafeteria –  these connect the study and the accommodation areas. Alongside the dining room and the cafeteria there are terraces oriented towards the valley.

By developing the campus as a series of arcades and courtyards, the complex was to create cloisters suggesting historic precedents like English colleges, monasteries and mosques. Materials and Colours – red bricks were chosen, which contrast with the grey exposed concrete and concrete tiles and thereby give the complex a sense of prominence in the landscape. Vegetation – local and Mediterranean plants were chosen wherever possible: for example olive trees, oleanders and a citrus grove. Interior design – in order to allow maximum flexibility in the number of people accommodated in the hostel, a new design for a folding Youth Hostel bed was developed specially for this project, as were armchairs, curtains and upholstery.

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