Project goals :
Return street life to the city's historic center.
Renewal of Herzl Street and its surrounding with a focus on commerce and public cultural activities such as the Town Hall, Theatre – "Cinema Sharon" , and market.
Bring back residence to the area by densification of the urban fabric while keeping appropriate character of street life – pedestrians.
Designing visual identity – unique elements – "Netanya – Las Vegas " .
Keeping the" green "elements that are special to this place – Fichus trees – as an element that supports the commercial axis.
Reducing the negative impact of transport – air pollution and noise.- without disturbing the traffic system, by creating a complete integrated space vehicles and pedestrians to improve the commercial area values .
Parking solutions mainly at the edges of the area.
Use as much as possible the existing infrastructure.
Creating new design elements for orientation.
Create a unique design language for a rich commercial and cultural activity – pergolas, kiosks , tower, Flora , signage , etc.

.The project was designed in collaboration with Arch. Moshe Margalith

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