The office of Guggenheim/Bloch Architects Urbanists was established in Jerusalem in1980 as a full partnership between David Guggenheim and Alex Bloch.In 1995 as a result of the untimely death of Alex Bloch the office went through a process of reorganization: The office was reopened under the same name, this time under the sole ownership and management of David. Guggenheim, An affiliate was established in Tel-Aviv in Asosciation with architect Shelly Guggenheim-Molho 2011. The broad spectrum of work and the specific complexity of each of the projects have fostered the development of a multifaceted architectural approach. This experience enables us to resolve local climatic harshness and integrate this with the need for an openness to the landscape. It allows to combine structural and economic discipline with the conservation of historical and cultural heritage, and to structure strategies of development and construction which result in coherent total environments-campuses.  The office is currently engaged in a full range of projects, from the urban scale, public buildings, landscape, to interior design. The office specializes in design for the public sector and has produced work for a wide range of public institutions.  Our office is also engaged in several projects with an ecological focus. We are working in close cooperation with Professor Uzi Plitman, from the Botanical Department of the Jerusalem University. Professor Plitman is an expert in the indigenous flora of Israel. As a team, we are developing landscape projects, which are ecologically viable.  Our firm is constantly developing, aiming both to encompass and integrate experience. This ensures the ability to develop projects from a broad perspective, which embodies the diversity of human experience.   The main office resides in Jerusalem, and consists of 8 employees. 2 additional employees embody the Tel-Aviv affiliate.  The office is fully computerized with computerized stations for all employees. The office is supported by the full range of computer software: drafting in two and three dimensions, illustration, presentations, administration. ISO – 9000 ensures quality management of all aspects of the professional work of the office.

The Team
David Guggenheim

Professor Architect David Guggenheim is a practicing architect specializing in regional planning conservation, urban renewal and contemporary architecture.

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Shelly Guggenheim

Graduate Department of Architecture at Bezalel Academy of art and design, Jerusalem - 2002 B.Arch Graduate Master Program at UPC, Barcelona- 2005 M.Arch Joined the Office in 2008 Senior Architect

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Irit Guggenheim

Graduate Department of Architecture at Bezalel Academy of art and design, Jerusalem - 1979 B.Arch Specialized in a wide range of interior design works including public institution, Private homes and offices.  

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Natasha Vilinsky

Graduate Master in Phisics Engineering with honors, at Kharkov Polytechnical Institute, USSR - 1977 M.Sc Made Aliya to Israel in 1990 Joined the office in 1993 .Senior Technician – Computer specialist

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Michal Leve


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Hanna Mizrahi

Graduate Department of Architecture at Bezalel Academy of art and design, Jerusalem - 2009 B.Arch Joined the Office in 2013 Senior Architect

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Liron Richter – Ariel

Graduate Department of Architecture at Bezalel Academy of art and design, Jerusalem - 2012 B.Arch Joined the Office in 2012 Architect    

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Michal Averbuch

Student at the Architecture faculty at Ariel University . Joined the Office in 2013

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